My starting point was references and an overall design provided by the Designer. A colour palette was also provided. This 1 meter large hatchment was a hero painting and would be seen close up in the final film, attention to details was required.


Starting with 12mm ply board and sanding, a coat of sealer was required to seal the wood from any oil seeping into the board later creating duller colours. Then a coat of white gesso was thinned and applied in several layers with sanding in between. A wash of umber was then applied to remove the white canvas and give a tone to the panel.


First the outline was chalked in using a pastel pencil, this will give us a base line to follow when we start blocking colours in. I blocked in my first layers in acrylic in flat layers of colour, no details.


Then I fleshed out the flat layers in quick drying oil paint I could start to mould the forms of the shapes and match colours better. Going over all the acrylic painted areas making sure every area was covered, I could work in more shadow tones and details. This layer dried overnight and allowed me to add highlights next, giving the golds a nice ping and brightness. Once dry I could add a coat of sealer and varnish which would bring the richness back to the colours.


Hand painted samples created with acrylic and oils paint to give an overall feel for larger panels, which will be painted later to match in with the overall design and colour scheme. 


painted and aged to suit characters needs


Blue magical landscapes were painted digitally, working within a brief by the designer to create storytelling illustrations relating to our character.  Tulips and flower fields were a strong element in these paintings. The illustrations were later printed on to WetSlide Transfer and placed very carefully on the lamps and dressed into the sets. 


Painted ceiling, private commission in a country home. Once a design was created I was able to get started on painting on the beams, each beam is a different season with different colours flowing through the design.