I work as a practicing fine artist in addition to creating paintings and illustrations within the film and television industry. My collection of oil paintings is on traditionally made gesso panels which explores memento mori.


There is beauty and hidden magic in endings, a stillness, and peace. A pause before the next chapter begins. Light and sparkles, stories to unfold whispered into the night sky, under a blanket of stars, chests laid open, hearts bare. Within my paintings, I am exploring stories, dark fairytales and magic, dust and starlight. Mysterious dark beauty and haunting tales that are bound within us all, dark in nature, that linger in our veins and flows and wrap around us like papery ribbons caught in the wind.


Working with traditional 16th-century rabbit skin gesso, giving the surface of porcelain to lay the oil paint onto. Then working in veil-like layers building up the transitions of paint.

ella wolfnoth portrait
Ella Wolfnoth oil painting
Stripy Bow
Small Bow