A Discovery of Witches S2- Sky Atlantic

In the story our main character finds, and is led by a magical prophecy book with storytelling illustrations, which guides her journey. The illustrations were based on prophecies from the original book. Each was designed with meaning and certain elements from the scripts woven in. The illustrations were printed on vellum and bound into the prophecy book, which was bound in a custom velvet. I created these illustrations digitally in Photoshop with reference materials, and working this way allowed me to make edits faster to keep up with the changing scripts. Once printed I hand-embellished the pages with gold details.

R: Digital illustrations for prophecy book. 
Below a selection of Tudor street signs and wallpaper for our main set.

Chevalier – Searchlight Pictures


Dungeons and Dragons – Paramount Pictures

Hand painted miniature decorative tiles.These miniature tiles were painted on board provided by the Graphic Designer, painted in acrylic and washed with a matte varnish to finish. Each had gold embellishments added as extra detail. Each tile measured 6 cm square and would be used to decorate an ornate magical mirror, which was used as a hero prop for filming.

Kraven the Hunter – Marvel

Hero notebook illustrations for lead character. Working from a brief to create illustrations for a lead characters notebook. Our lead character has been following a ‘baddie’ and making notes and illustrations in his notebook about the others characters appearance. Fifteen pages were requested in total and were printed and bound into the characters notebook to be used as a hero prop during filming.

‘Flora’ – Study

ella wolfnoth oil painting flower tulip
ella wolfnoth oil painting flower tulip

The Ballad of Renegade Nell – Disney

One meter square heraldic coat of arms. I was commissioned to paint a large herald for The Ballad of Renegade Nell. The layout and colour scheme was predetermined by the Graphic Designer as per the scrips, this also included colours that were to be matched and used.

I started by priming and sealing the board with a modern gesso, then toning the board with an umber wash. I then started with a pencil outline to get all the elements in the right place. Next, I blocked all the elements in with a flat acrylic base coat in the local colour. I worked over the whole painting again in oil paint and finished all the details in oils as well, giving the final painting a nice semi-gloss finish. The final painting was delivered to set and aged by the onset scenic at the studios.

Wicked – Universal Pictures

Blue plate sketches
This tile detail was sketched digitally in Procreate using elements sent from the Graphic Designer as references, specific elements were changed and adapted to fit the brief. It was requested to give the final illustration a washy inky feel using the blue palette colours provided.

Pattern design for a plate and basin, this design will be used to surround the sketches above, the brief was ‘floral pattern design’ in keeping with the blue colour palette from the sketches.

Oil Painting Landscapes
One large oil painting landscape with details was requested to be painted digitally to fill a frame on set. I was sent concepts from the Graphic Designer, and edits were made to fill the space. An oil painting feel was requested and sky added to fill the space needed. Extra lake and reed details were also added in the foreground.
Two smaller round paintings were requested with a softer feel with less detail, these were to fill pre-chosen round frames. 

Handpainted Fans
I handpainted twelve fans for set dressing, the floral design was provided for me. I scaled up the design and transferred it to each fan. Working in stages of block colour and then details to finish.

‘Last Sleep’ Oil on wooden panel

ella wolfnoth oil painting, flowers and mouse, last sleep
ella wolfnoth oil painting, flowers and mouse, last sleep
ella wolfnoth oil painting, flowers and mouse, last sleep

Ribbon Studies – Paintings and Drawings

Tulip Study – Oil on board

ella wolfnoth oil painting flower tulip

Tulip study in oil painting, was painting using Old Masters techniques of working in layers from a grisaille. Then applying thin glazes of colour to build up the depth.