This was such a lovely detailed illustration project to have the pleasure to work on. From initial brief to final illustrations every part was a dream. I got to work with an amazing team to play with ideas of symbolism with, and we looked at some wonderful references at the start of the project. 


I started with looking at Art Deco for inspiration which also helped with the ideas for colour palettes and helped move us forward in the direction that would be the final illustrations. 


I had a lot to explore and play with in this concept desk, my client was happy to explore all the elements of this illustration along with me, and I demonstrated my ideas in this concept deck to guide them through the journey together. 


From presenting rough sketches for all the signs discussed and amended along with my clients feedback, we looked at symbolism and art work references to get the feel of the final illustrations. 


Next we discussed colour palettes, from muted greens and pinks to just exploring one colour, with tints and shades. 


I knew I would like my symbols to be encased in a frame and needed input from my client on which way to proceed, I presented a few ideas and we narrowed it down from here to design and shading, adding in the symbols constellations in the background paint washes.


Final illustrations were used through out the web campaign, with accompanying text about yeah symbol. Various sizes were provided in the final files.