Wanting to know more about colour, I was recommended to experiment with colour palettes and see what the colours I already had could make, turns out it was quite a lot of colours.


It was great to see what I could make from what I already had. This was a little overwhelming on where to start to build harmonious colour in a painting, but a great exercise to see how the range I could make from each colour. Also seeing the greys I could achieve as well, but greying from complementing colours.

Taking this further I was inspired to work with a Zorn palette, which is working with far fewer colours, through which you get a more harmonious palette overall.

Colours to work with are white, black, red and earth yellow. Of course, you can use variations of these to get varied colour mixes. If your black is more on the blue side you can get lovely greens from the black and yellow from this palette. This is a lovely palette to work with flesh tones and muted colours overall.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 10.21.59 am

Further Reading:

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