I was delighted to be asked by a publisher to produce a series of illustrations for book covers. Given a strong brief on each of the narratives and a feel for the illustration style, we worked together to produce beautiful illustrations within my painterly style.  I provided a few different layouts on each cover giving options for the design of the copy in the final stages.

My brief was to paint a series of vintage landscapes with the feeling of watching the world pass by. I choose muted colour palettes and the addition of the house in the distance. I gave a lot of space to the sky to allow placemnt of copy for later in the design stages.


Painting flowers is one of my favorite subjects. I wanted to give a dark eerie feel to these illustrations with lots of space for titles. Painting all the petal details and making the flowers look waxy and glossy, almost unreal. 

Dark Skies was the brief I was given, I chose to play with space and depth here.