ella wolfnoth sketchbooks

Why are sketchbooks important to me? I have always kept several sketchbooks open to work inside at the same time. Saving little notes, ideas, colour palettes, found treasures, postcards from galleries, doodles, and rough composition ideas. My sketchbooks are the first place ideas take shape. Pages where I can experiment on and save ideas for […]


ella wolfnoth sky oil painting

Painting 100 skies over the course of a year understand colour and brushwork a little better. Exploring colour relationships, thicker brushwork and blending.   I hope this will this will feed into my everyday practice which tends to be on the tight side and working more with transparent layers.   All skies will be sketched, […]

Decorative beam painting

ella wolfnoth beams painting

I felt incredibly honored to be asked to paint floral motifs in someone’s home, a painting that would last years and years and also blend into the fabric of their home…   More coming soon…

Shop – sky One

Sky One Ella Wolfnoth original oil paintingOn traditional gesso wooden panel 18×12 CM framed in oakFramed size: 99×99 CM Part of the series ‘100 Skies’  £200 {PURCHASE} Payment and postage Free UK postage, please message me if you require shipping worldwideYour painting will be carefully packaged and sent recorded with tracking Please do contact me […]

Last Sleep – Oil Painting

ella wolfnoth oil painting, flowers and mouse, last sleep

Last Sleep – Oil Painting Starting to feel more finished now, I am really happy with the background and will hope to complete one more veil of colour over the darker areas to smooth the paint brush marks out. Then on to finishing the flowers and sleeping mouse. Starting to feel more finished now, I […]

Colour Veils

‘Last Sleep’ colour layers, I always put off this stage for as long as I am able to, enjoying the underpainting map before it is hidden forever, I always feel this stage of a painting is like being in early teens, not complete and quite a way off, showing some potential, but quite undeveloped! The […]

Last Sleep background progress

‘Last Sleep’ 16 x 22″, oil on traditional gesso board.   Another layer of the under painting, previous layers and pencil marks now hidden, I shall be sad to lose this layer to the next, but it must evolve.

Last Sleep progress

Last sleep (16 x 22″, oil on traditional gesso board), another layer of the under painting, previous layers and pencil marks now hidden, I shall be sad to lose this layer to the next, but it must evolve.

Last Sleep, oil on traditional gesso board

I have been quietly working away on this beauty and watching it unfold on the board, it has been slow going between other jobs and trying not to rush finish it, but I feel like I am making good progress. This painting is also a lot larger than my usual A5 boards, ‘Last Sleep’ is […]


A dear writer friend of mine asked to see some of my sketchbooks, to me they are the usual mumblings of working out paintings, colour palettes, gesso recipes, ideas and thoughts! To her they were a glimpse in to an artists mind, they were precious visual diaries, with scraps of colour here and inky words […]

Colour Planning

I always like to think about the final colour of a painting as I am working towards finishing the drawing stage; I hope to have colour harmony through out the painting; it also helps me to look at reference materials and colour match any colours I like at this stage.


^ ‘Patience Garden’ oil on wooden panel. Process from traditional gesso, through drawing layers, to oil blocking.

Colour palettes, greying with compliments.

^ Ultramarine blue warm – orangey red warm Ultramarine blue – orangey yellow cool Cerulean blue cool – orangey red warm Cerulean blue cool – orangey yellow cool ^ Cadmium yellow deep warm – magenta warm Cadmium yellow deep warm – cobalt violet cool Yellow lake cool – magenta warm Yellow lake cool – cobalt […]

Patience Garden

‘Patience Garden’   Oil pencil on a wooden panel, after blocking in the background, I can now work on the details on the petals and flowers with grey and white for highlights.


^ Faber Castel Poloychromos, graphite mechanical pencils, pencil rubber. All the tools I like for sketching ideas, rough sketches and polishing drawings.

Quick Sketch

^ Quick twenty minute floral sketch. Not sure if I will colour this, but it is nice to draw from life when you can, noticing all the details of the leaves and petals.

Warm Pink Values

^ Working on pinks palette, larger image here. Pinks and peaches, by using a warm red and a cool red and adding white and sometimes yellows, I can explore making peaches and pinks in varying shades.  

Silk Bow Study

ella wolfnoth ribbon drawing

Silk bow study 8 x 10 inches, Polychromos on traditional gesso panel. Traditional drawing and studying values on gesso board. The gesso board is really smooth to work on, I have recently found these gesso panels at Jackson’s Art Supplies. 

Value Studies

^ Value studies, it is always good to refresh your mind and your eye when working with lights and darks and shadows. I like to work up from a grey scale and add colour over the top matching the colour to the grey shade. Munsell grey scale is a good reference for working with greys.